Visualization Projects

I started as Research Assistant around 2012 at Linköpings University and pursuing my Phd in Scientific Visualization @ Media and Information Technology. Currently I use Inviwo as prototyping framework for my research projects.


Depth Of Field (DoF)

Depth of Field effect for molecular visualization. This project uses A-Buffer to resolve Order Independent Transparency using OpenGL. This work has been published at Pacific Visualization Conference 2015.


Charge Transportation (CT)

This is a collaboration project with group of Physicists researching flow of charges in solar cell materials using simulations run on super computers. We help them visualizing the charge transport path.



First Authored Publications

1. Coverage-based opacity estimation for interactive depth of field in molecular visualization
by S Kottravel, M Falk, E Sunden, T Ropinski, IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis), 255-262

2. Visual Analysis of Stochastic Trajectory Ensembles in Organic Solar Cell Design
by S Kottravel, R Volpi, M Linares, T Ropinski, I Hotz, Informatics 4 (3), 25

3. Visual Analysis of Charge Flow Networks for Complex Morphologies
by S Kottravel, M Falk, TB Masood, M Linares, I Hotz - Computer Graphics Forum, 2019

Co-Authored Publications

4. Multimodal volume illumination by E Sunden, S Kottravel, T Ropinski Computers & Graphics 50, 47-60

5. A crowdsourcing system for integrated and reproducible evaluation in scientific visualization
by R Englund, S Kottravel, T Ropinski, Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis), 2016 IEEE, 40-47

6. Inviwo-An extensible, multi-purpose visualization framework (Poster)
by E Sunden, P Steneteg, S Kottravel, D Jonsson, R Englund, M Falk, T Ropinski,
Scientific Visualization Conference (SciVis), 2015 IEEE, 163-164

7. Inviwo-A Visualization System with Usage Abstraction Levels
by D Jonsson, P Steneteg, E Sunden, R Englund, S Kottravel, M Falk, A Ynnerman, I Hotz, T Ropinski,
arXiv preprint arXiv:1811.12517

8. A Crowdsourcing System for Integrated and Reproducible Evaluation in Scientific Visualization
by R Englund, S Kottravel, T Ropinski

9. Effect of Polarization on the Mobility of C60: A Kinetic Monte Carlo Study (Contribution: Visualizations Only)
by R Volpi, S Kottravel, MS Norby, S Stafstrom, M Linares, Journal of chemical theory and computation 12 (2), 812-824


Maya Plugin (GPU Solver)

Project implemented during Masters programme. GPGPU based cloth simulation plugin for Autodesk Maya. Native plugin written using C++ and CUDA.


Masters Thesis

Final year Masters thesis on non-linear solver. GPGPU based soft body simulation written using C++ and CUDA. This framework integrates Haptics System that exploits GPU solvers to solve finite element model (FEM) using Total Lagrangian Explicit Dynamics Algorithm (TLED). Data acceleration is the main focus of this thesis work.


Unity Plugin (Volume RayCaster)

Volume Raycaster for rendering volumetric data such as CT, MRI, etc and also Procedural volumes such as mandel bulb etc. Volume visualization uses Ray Marching algorithm that runs using GPU Shaders. Features such as baked volumetric lighting, slicing and interactions are added using Unity3D. 
( Data and references are available upon request)


Unreal Game Demo (UE4)

Third Person Game that I try to develop during my spare time. There is nothing much to say at the moment. But just trying to experiment with Procedural Foliage Tools in Unreal Engine UE4. 


Voice Command Integration

This is a fun project to integrate voice command feature into Inviwo Framework. Voice command library used here is a Python library called DragonFly.


IoT Arduino ESP8266

This project uses ESP8266 WiFi Micro-Controller. Programmed using Arduino IDE. Controlling the device over WiFi network using MQTT protocol.


AWS EC2 + StarCluster + Inviwo

Working title of this project was CloudVis. This project was aimed to experiment 
the possibility of visualization using Amazon EC2 clusters. For this project, I used the Python API of the StarCluster ToolKit.  

It was possible to launch  GPU instances (G2) using AMIs. For this, StarCluster Python Plugins are embedded in the Inviwo Framework. Challenging part of this projects was Headless Remote Rendering using OpenGL.


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